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What is Blogger Bank?

Blogger Bank is an international application that enables efficient and convenient direct cooperation between bloggers and advertisers.

Effective and simple communication between a blogger and a company results in generating revenue for both parties. The application emerged from the needs of market trends and is the only platform that operates in such an effective way for earning from advertisements, both for bloggers and companies directly.

Never before has there been such a friendly place for interactions with top-quality bloggers. The application simplifies the process of finding bloggers and advertisers. Blogger Bank reduces time and expenses while providing the opportunity to earn without additional agency commissions or intermediaries.

We provide you with a tool that supports collaboration for both companies and bloggers seeking assignments in their industry.

By registering on Blogger Bank, you gain access to a million hearts of people who love social media.

How does Blogger Bank work?

An advertiser, upon registering on www.blogger-bank.com, gains the ability to create assignments for bloggers by describing their product or service. If a blogger is interested in the assignment, they notify the advertiser within the application, and the advertiser has the opportunity to engage in direct interaction with them. Together, they enjoy the successful completion of the assignment. The advertiser has the option to determine monetary or barter compensation.

Bloggers create modern forms of advertisements out of passion and love for social media. Thanks to the platform, reaching customers becomes much easier. We focus on the largest reaches and the most effective bloggers in their field.

A blogger searches for assignments matching their experience, industry, or location. They establish contact with an advertiser they would like to collaborate with. Bloggers registered on the platform gain access to a database of companies from which they receive assignments. A blogger doesn't necessarily have to be famous; it's enough that they have a passion for creating ads and gather around them a loyal audience, thriving in the world of social media and capable of attracting hundreds of thousands or even millions of viewers. Each blogger is characterized by a love for social media. For every action, the blogger receives compensation in the form of money or barter.

We do everything with a passion for social media! We reach millions of consumer hearts. Because we have:
  • Clear and transparent cooperation rules
  • A simple operating scheme
  • Modern channels of reach
  • Qualified staff
  • Success backed by immense experience

Collaboration without additional costs

Collaboration between bloggers and companies without intermediaries. Blogger Bank does not charge a commission for the assignment and collaboration between the blogger and the advertiser.

This is a huge time and money saver; you choose a blogger who works for you directly. You establish clear working rules with them. You don&apost have to split the budget for an intermediary or agency; now you have direct contact with the blogger. The blogger takes the entire amount for their own development without splitting it in half. The advertiser gains new customers.

Thanks to categorizing into industry categories, your business will immediately find an interested blogger who has results and sales successes in that particular industry. If you have a product but don't know how to sell it on a larger scale - this is the ideal application for you. If you're just starting a business (restaurant, salon, etc.) and don't know how to attract customers - Blogger Bank solves that problem. If you don't know or don't want to create videos yourself but simultaneously know that without a modern form of reach, your potential customers won't know about you, Blogger Bank was created just for you.

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